At Emmident Thailand, our priority is to ensure that you have access to the best quality care from the best product available on the market.  Our flagship product, the Emmident ultrasound toothbrush, ensures your daily dental care provides a deep clean for all of your teeth, something that conventional tooth brushes cannot provide.  The ultrasonic brush, combined with our specially-formlulated nano toothpaste, provides the best toothbrush money can buy for your personal dental care. 
          In particular, if you have tooth implants, crowns or braces, or otherwise have sensitive areas around the teeth and gums, this ultrasonic toothbrush provides an ideal solution, enabling a deeper penetration in hard-to-reach areas, destroying bacteria entrenched within the teeth and gums.   For this reason, Emmident is an ideal toothbrush for braces and for othertypes of dental work.
          Other electric toothbrush designs are focused merely on providing convenience.  Our innovative toothbrush system makes brushing not only convenient, but by providing 96 million untrasonic oscillations per minute, makes your daily brushing routine many times more effective. 
         Furthermore, the Emmident ultrasonic toothbrush is highly effective at life-long preservation of dental health, preventing the gradual weakening of the bone structure which supports your teeth (known as periodintitis) which is a leading cause of loss of teeth in people above 65.  Proper lifetime care, beginning at any stage in life, can greatly reduce the chances for periodintitis onset by ensuring your teeth receive a deep cleanse on a daily basis, and not just when you visit your dentist.  In this way, having the Emmident solution at home is like having your own personal dentist every day to clean your teeth, and at only a fraction of the cost.